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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to sign a contract to have my lawn mown regularly?

No. We can do one-off mows or come on a regular basis to meet your requirements.

What happens to my grass clippings?

We cannot dispose of grass clippings. These can be put in your garden waste bin for you. If your lawn is mulched there will be no clippings to dispose of as these are turned into a natural fertiliser for your lawn.

Do I have to have my clippings mulched?

No, this is an optional free service.

Can my lawn clippings be mulched every cut?

In order for your lawn to be mulched it will have to be mowed regularly so that the grass blades are kept short. If the grass blades are left to grow too long, they will have to be collected as they will not be suitable for mulching. Typically, the first mow of the spring will need to be collected, then most subsequent mows can be mulched.

Do you only cut large lawns?

No, we can cut any lawn no matter how big or small. Just call us for a free no obligation quote.

Do you do commercial as well as domestic cuts?

Yes, we can provide lawn cutting and strimming for residential and business customers.

Do I have to be at home when you cut my lawn?

No, as long as we can gain access you do not have to be present.

Can you mow stripes in my lawn?

Yes, we can. This is an optional service.